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“Hi There, So Who Wants To Drop 10 kgs or More and 4 Inches Off Your Hips, Butt And Thighs - Even If You’re Very Busy- And Without Dieting?”

Is that you?

Have you HAD ENOUGH of…

  • Your embarrassing stomach that is getting bigger and bigger and Bigger
  • Unrealistic diets that do not work
  • Having to live off 1250 Kcal’s or below and count calories
  • Dealing with health imbalances that stop you from losing weight
  • Feeling awful because you know you are not fit, toned and healthy
  • Feeling low about the way you look & feel

My name is Tim Garrett and I know firsthand how hard it can be to lose weight in a healthy way & quickly, I have personally seen so many people in the same situation as you that I feel for you.

However, I also know that it is possible to finally change and change for good. We have helped over 1570+ Clients achieve healthy and fast body fat loss.

Before and After:

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My trainers and I have seen countless people change their lives around and feel great about themselves and the way they look.

As you can see from all of the video testimonials, page after page of Client success testimonials and our before and after pictures that we are definitely experts in helping out Clients lose weight

This is how we do it……

Healthy 4 U’s Holistic 3 Step approach:

  1. 1. The ‘Healthy 4 U Whole-istic Diet System’
    Using the information I have gained from the world class courses I have completed I have created this diet system that you can easily integrate into your life over 18 years in the industry and after completing some of the best nutrition and health courses in the world.

  2. 2. Our ‘Metabolic Booster’ programs
    These burn up to 897 Kcal’s in one hour, They also increase your metabolism for up to an amazing 72 hours and help you gain muscle tone which helps you burn extra calories and turns you into a fat burning machine!

  3. 3. Metabolic booster workouts to lose body fat fast!
    This is an essential element to remove the health blocks to weight loss. I know from experience & the world class studies I have completed that fixing problems such as how you deal with stress, disturbed sleep patterns and compromised digestion are essential if you want to lose weight quickly and easily


Stop - Think About This for 1 Minute
Picture in your head how toned and healthy your going to look & feel, now that you will be free from:

  • Impossible die-ts (diets = die=ts)
  • Long super boring workouts
  • Boring cardio. The old way to lose weight!
  • Needing to be pushed & motivated

Don’t delay, make the.. Call today on +971 052 699 3955 for a free consultation...
(before we are fully booked again!)

We will meet you and ask you over 67 questions, and then based on these questions; we will give you the secrets to fast and healthy body fat loss.

P.S. IT would be a horrible waste if you let the next 12 months be the same as the last 12 months. Wouldn’t you agree? Do something about it today!

P.P.S. Remember, your success is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! No questions asked within 30 days.

P.P.P.S. Please remember that the systems I have created over 19 years in the industry GET RESULTS, we don’t help people get ‘Normal’ results like a ‘Normal trainer’ will promise. I promise you that my team will help you get the body you want, the body you can be super confident about and that will put a spring in your step and have all your friends telling you how great you look.

About Dubai Personal Training & Health Coaching

At Healthy 4 U we offer personal training and health coaching to clients all over Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The fantastic service we provide will help you save time and effort; we really do help clients get the most amazing results.

With our help you can achieve really amaz-ing results. You will be shocked how quickly you can achieve the health and fitness goals that you deire. The really great thing about the service we provide is that we will help you achieve them healthily. If you start training with us you really are making an investment in your future, for you and all the people around you.

Would you like to:

IMAGINE: for example, 8 weeks from now; picture yourself after losing the weight you want, your energy levels are brilliant, you feel awesome, you walk with a spring in your step and everyone is always commenting on how brilliant you look? We can help you achieve these results and so much more………

One of many glowing testimonials that showcase the excellent results that we help clients achieve:

My wedding was fantastic and the best day of my life! On my final dress fitting i was there for over 2 hours as my dress had to go in 5 times !! This was all down to the good work you did for me. I've got to say I have never looked so good or felt so good in my life - Bridie McDonald, September 2010.

Dubai personal training is the service you need to achieve your goals. In total our trainers have over 26 yrs of experience in the industry. We have successfully passed some of the best courses available world-wide and we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals so much faster than you thought possible. We have used our extensive study, experience and passion to get great results for well over 1500 clients.

money-back 100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so there is no risk at all. Give us a call today to organise your complimentary consultation.

We are Dubai’s leading experts in helping people achieve their health and fitness related goals.

For those people who want to lose weight and lose weight fast - We have created Dubai’s first:

money-back The Healthy 4 U Whole-istic Eating System

This system greatly increases the speed at which you can lose body fat – Healthily. We help clients lose 2-4 kgs in the first two weeks with diet boot camp and then 1-2kg of body fat every week after this with my unique weight loss system. Some of our personal training/ Health coaching clients from Dubai have lost 4.2 Kgs in as little as 8 days using our weight loss system.

Tim is a hard working professional who always goes the extra mile to help his clients - Karen Hasler

The personal training service that we provide has two key elements: One is my 'Health Coaching' service. This involves a complimentary consultation where we meet; determine your goals and it gives me an opportunity to get an overview of your lifestyle, including elements such as your diet, digestion, activity levels, how stress affects you, what you drink, how clean your body is, among other areas. These are only some of the areas that combine to either make you look great and feel healthy or will make you overweight and feel terrible. It is during our first meeting that we show you exactly how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The consultation also serves as an opportunity for you to receive, free of charge, some world-class information on how to achieve your goals quickly, information you can start using that day to help you feel better and start losing body fat, or whatever your particular goal may be.

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