At Healthy 4 U we pride ourselves in being the best personal training company that makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

When we say meaningful, we mean it, we’ve spent 20 years working on our craft to ensure we can help our Clients transform their lives.
Our testimonial page says it all really (don’t trust us!):

Our experts have been chosen based on their people skills and can-do attitude, then we’ve put them through the H4U holistic health university. This mini university schools our trainers in the training approach that we know from experience gets real results, long term results, results that you will love.
We are very privileged to have learned from the very best health and fitness experts in the world, there Is no one better.

These experts include Paul Check.

Charles Poliquin and…..

Most importantly, the only person I have ever called a genius in the health and fitness world, Ray Peat.
Health information for most people is very confusing, that’s until you get to the top, the very best experts then it’s a lot clearer.

A little more information about Tim Garrett, H4U’s founder.

Tim started his career In the health and fitness world over 2 decades ago (he feels very clever whenever he says this:)
Tim has played a key part of the growth of health and fitness clubs in the UK, both large and small.

He started as a simple fitness instructor and has since progressed to be one of the best holistic health trainers in the Middle East.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions before we are fully booked and cant accept you anyway:).


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