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testimonial of One of Sarah's happy ClientsSarah is what I call the personal coach that makes it really personal. Most of my personal goals were met after only 3 weeks and I am still improving on different aspects as part of the program we both agreed so far: - I wanted to slightly lose weight and muscle up, without “killing myself” as I used to previously in my gym. With Sarah, every hour spent with her was productive whilst also making sure I had the balance to workout with proper dietary recommendations since eating right is as important as working out in the right way & should be done for overall health. - I wanted to have my own routine as well as learn the correct methods to execute the right program when working out. I had plenty of “programs” downloaded from the web, but I couldn’t really follow through & most importantly, I was never happy with the result. I also had problems executing the right movements which was unsafe & unhealthy for my body. With Sarah, I had a proper fit to purpose program totally customized for my needs, with different variations from one day to another to make it more fun each time. I could probably say that now I am more “aware” than ever of my body and what is required to reach my goal. I can also feel and see that every workout has a positive impact in my life which is helping with my overall well-being. I am following the right routine and executing the right movements now, which is helping me during my planned workout sessions that are designed for when I am overseas on business trips. As of today, I am on my second month and frankly speaking, she is starting to become part of my routine more and more, and I always look forward to our next session. She's not only very competent but also sweet, caring and will always give her best to get the best out of you to reach your target. Finally, please beware of the risks you take by choosing her. Once you have her part of your team, you might never want to let her go :)...

Posted by: One of Sarah's happy Clients
Dubai, Posted on: July 1, 2014

testimonial of Marium LakyFirst of all, I want to thank Sarah for making the sessions really enjoyable. They are not boring and I always look forward to the next session. She has really helped me to feel a difference in my back as my spine posture was not good before and now it has improved in just the first few sessions with her. It has become straighter helping me to stand & move around better without it hurting me anymore. Again, thank you Sarah for helping me, I really feel better!

Posted by: Marium Laky
Dubai, Posted on: July 16, 2014

testimonial of Hessa J.I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Sarah. She's such a dedicated and passionate trainer to her clients. She has great knowledge about the body's mechanism, health and fitness. My back doesn't hurt anymore, she did her magic ! My body has been more flexible and am loving it. I was surprised by my abilities. She pushes you to get the best out of you. Sarah's cheerful spirit makes the session full of energy and enthusiasm. Every session would be different than the other once my technique was corrected, and i'd always look forward to the next one. Sarah was always on time. Her support wouldn't end when the class was over either, it extends via messages & emailing as well to help you every step of the way.

Posted by: Hessa J.
Dubai, Posted on: August 28, 2014

testimonial of AfsanI was so lucky to find Sarah as a personal trainer. At first I thought she wasn't being hard enough with me but it was great to see how she made me push the limit every single week in a safe & effective way. With Sarah, I made steady progress and lost 3 inches of fat in just three weeks. I also switched to very healthy lifestyle. She's also so sweet and easy to talk to and shared different recipes and motivational quotes throughout. I would recommend Sarah as a personal trainer to anyone wanting to make lasting changes to their mental and physical health.

Posted by: Afsan
Dubai, Posted on: September 1, 2014

testimonial of Meisoon LauI have been training with Erin for just over a month now, and have signed on to continue until January! I have never felt stronger, or healthier in my life, and i owe it to the motivation and support provided by Erin!

Posted by: Meisoon Lau
Dubai, Posted on: October 22, 2014

testimonial of Chadia AwadI would like to say that, as a trainer, Erin Morison was a godsend in helping me to achieve my goals. She made each session physically demanding yet interesting and entertaining: The sessions were intensive but never boring due to her continuously motivating me. She had the ability to make me exceed the limitations I put on myself, and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a trainer.

Posted by: Chadia Awad
Dubai, Posted on: November 2, 2014

testimonial of Dr. Aruba MohsinI found Sarah as my personal trainer almost 2 months post-partum, the time when I actually needed someone to push me in a right way to exercise, eat healthy and get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. After training with her for 1 month I have found a great change in my body, mind and the way I eat. I lost almost 8 pounds and 5 inches in that duration & I feel heathy and happy! Sarah is very energetic and lively. She is very flexible with her timings and the way she pushed me every-time to work harder was beyond amazing. She is the best trainer I have ever worked with!

Posted by: Dr. Aruba Mohsin
Dubai, Posted on: January 14, 2015

testimonial of Gayathri MurukanI was never a gym person and it was the first time I decided to go ahead with a personal trainer to help shed the extra pounds that I had gained during my pregnancy. Sarah is truly God send. Right from the first time I met her, till the end of our sessions, Sarah has proved to be a very caring, confident, fun and motivating trainer who has helped me achieve my goal. She believed in me and kept encouraging me which in turn helped boost my confidence levels, since I was just a novice to the gym. Sarah always made sure to check on me after every session and gave me lots of recipes to help with my nutrition. I would definitely recommend Sarah to all those who want to have a fun and encouraging instructor.Thank you so much for everything Sarah! I definitely feel happier, stronger and fit than I had previously been.

Posted by: Gayathri Murukan
Dubai, Posted on: January 20, 2015

testimonial of Tracy ZWorking with Sarah has made such a difference in the quality of my life. My health and fitness had deteriorated since I injured my knee and shoulder a few years ago. Several years of physio therapy had only gotten limited results. My limitations made regular exercise difficult and painful, and as a result I had gained weight and was feeling so sluggish and down. Sarah worked with me and my therapist to design a program that has almost eliminated all my (once chronic) pain, and increased my range of motion. My strength is increasing all the time, and I'm achieving fitness goals I didn't even know I had! She's coached me with my eating habits as well as helping me develop the proper form in all our exercises. This is helping me perform movements that I wouldn't have dreamed of before working with Sarah (as I was convinced I was making my injury worse and causing myself more pain).Thanks to Sarah, I'm sleeping better than I have in a long time and feeling stronger. I no longer feel my injuries holding me back from achieving my fitness goals! Sarah really makes you feel like she truly believes in you, and now I'm back to believing in myself! I just cannot recommend her highly enough!

Posted by: Tracy Z
Dubai, Posted on: January 25, 2015

testimonial of Ms GarrettWell my life has taken a dramatic change for the better suddenly thanks to you and a few other things I have been doing. FABULOUS ! thank you. My eyes are suddenly getting brighter. They have been the colour of dishwater for the last 6 months. I knew I had a problem with my gut health but was unsure what to do about it. I always get a cold sore when My stomach is crying out for help and I felt so run down. Not sleeping and sooo stressed by everyday life and the continual worry about……….. I told you that I noticed my bowels were much better on the first day. I was quite amazed when I had proper stools for the first time perhaps in a year. It was quite extraordinary even though it is a gross subject ! Yep I still fart a bit but not all the time. My sleeping has improved a lot although sometimes I drift in and out of sleep a lot more and I wonder whether this has anything to do with improved thyroid functioning ? BUT the main thing is, I am waking up wide awake and full of energy. My god. I can't believe it. I haven't felt as good in the morning for 10 years, it is quite incredible. Honest Tim it's amazing. As a result, I don't get in from work quite so wretched, Lord that job is difficult and, feel so much more positive generally. I went to the gym today and had so much more oomph !. I ran for longer than I have for 6 months, usually my stomach hurts a bit (as well as me dodgy knees) and always when I get home there are dark rings under my eyes that are a sure sign that my work out has been to much for my body and I am knackered and listless and need to lie down. I am not as thirsty and don't get so irritable and my cold sore has cleared up in no time. Whoop! Lucy came round today. first time I have seen her for 2 weeks and it cropped up. She said she wanted whatever I was having as she's always tired. I told her to start going to bed on time and focusing a bit harder. She's not having my potions ! My concentration was a bit wonky for a couple of days but seems to have calmed down now.It's difficult to separate some things but the increased energy in the mornings / generally /bowels/cold sore/sleep is definitely down to your recommendations. I am enjoying my William Hooker meditation course. (book and c.d) the aim is to help you see the patterns of the mind / thoughts as they wander away from the present moment/ the peace. Which has helped enormously with Lucy and work. So I can immediately spot when I am going to feel unhappy or let down or totally stressed at work and identify it for what it is. I am very clever of course at analysing thoughts, that's no problem but by the time they have taken hold, you can find yourself feeling damn right miserable. So I would seriously recommend that to anybody you feel is low or stressed or just too busy to sit down. It has helped a lot. I am desperate to get to week 8 but have made myself study the meditation properly week by week.And of course I am on a course of anti-depressants . Well they have kicked in properly thank goodness and I will have to start to reduce them now but they have helped me get back to where I once was. all in all. I am now nearly the woman I should be ... positive and full of life. It's fab.Mate I can't thank you enough and I need to know what part of the routine to keep up once the gelatin/collagen has run out or do I have to keep taking it for a few months ?You are a star and have a super day and remember you make such a difference to people's lives.

Posted by: Ms Garrett
Dubai, Posted on: January 25, 2015

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