A Diet system that will reprogram your body for super fast weight loss

Our diet system will reprogram your body for super fast weight loss, the best bit….its super healthy and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.
I bet you are tired of…
That stomach bulge that keeps protruding over your trousers
The needle on the scales that keeps creeping up each month
Your low energy and low confidence levels
Comments from your friends mentioning you’re gaining weight.
With our diet system as part of our 4 system approach you won’t have to worry any more.
We have helped 1062 people (and counting) lose weight, if you want to see how people like you have lost weight and achieved their perfect body then check out our homepage for video testimonials and before/after pictures or the testimonials page where there is Client case study after Client case study, showing their great results. Our 4 system approach…..

1. Changing your Lifestyle & Self image.
2. Whole-istic Diet system
3. Metabolic Booster Training
4. Holistic Health Coaching

The key to diet is making it healthy.
If you are considering extreme calorie cutting diets or diet pills then consider that the body goes through 12 physiological changes when presented with a stressful/damaging diet.

1. You produce more lipogenic enzymes (fat storage enzymes)
2. You produce less lipolinic enzymes (fat loss enzymes)
3. You produce more cortisol (among other things this is a fat storage hormone)
4. You produce more insulin (a fat storage hormone)
5. You produce more leptin (a fat storage hormone, it will also make you crave sweets and feel less full, making you eat more)
6. You produce more estrogen (among other uses, it is also a fat storage hormone)
……. And the list goes on.
We teach you how to eat using foundational principles so your body realises when its full and you don’t overeat –imagine; no need to ever think about the amount of calories you eat ever again.

We teach you how to eat the right proportion of low glycemic carbs to protein to satisfy your bodies most important balance system, the oxidative system. If you don’t eat the right ratio then you will upset many of the bodies balance systems and slow down your metabolism.
We teach you how to do our diet wherever you are, that way, even if you stop personal training with us you can eat healthily and give your body what it needs to lose weight and feel great- for the rest of your life, a goal worth achieving I’m sure you would agree?

We also teach you how to listen to the signs your body is showing you so you can choose the right foods and diet for your life, we are all different on the outside so its common sense to think that the food we eat to feed our individual body will be different. If you are worried that this is going to be a diet that is too hard to incorporate into your life, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t, or you could ask our Clients, they would tell you the same. We are on hand every step of the way to help you, to guide you, to keep you motivated and to get you to the point where you are feeling and looking amazing.
Imagine, right now, you have achieved your weight loss goal, how do you feel? Please, really take the time to internalize it, its exactly what you need to do to get you and keep you motivated to achieve your goal.
We can help you do that in the shortest time possible.
For a free, no commitment consultation, please get in touch right away (before all of my trainers are fully booked, for the fifth time this year already)

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paul-testimonialI would like to share with you how Tim has helped me improve my quality of life and to make exercise a consistent norm in my life. I don’t want exercise to be a concern for me that is why I let Tim take care of all the details. I go and see him each session, I aim to have 4-5 sessions per week with him and he ensures I get a great workout each and every time. The advantage of this for me is that I know that I am getting exactly the exercise routines I need so that I can enjoy a healthy life. The other main advantage for me is that the training that Tim guides me through helps me remain sharp, focused and prepared for the hard work I put in to my own businesses.