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Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

- Feeling drained and exhausted?
- Your low energy levels are affecting your life, mood and your relationships?
- Your health problems are ruining your life? Or maybe your not sure what’s wrong with you and no one so far can help?
- Do you have serious problems losing weight?
- Do you have hypothyroidism, atherosclerosis or diabetes or another health imbalance?
- Your health is affecting every area of your life?
- You’re not the person you used to be?

Are you ready to feel alive again and to be able to live life to the full?

I am here to help. I know how hard it can be to be healthy when everywhere you look someone has a different opinion on what you should do. I’ve found the best sources of information worldwide and I can coach you to great health.
I have over 18 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. I worked tirelessly on my craft and developed into an advanced holistic health coach.

I have used my experience and the knowledge I have gained from various courses I have completed to find what really works for uncovering and fixing people’s health imbalances so they can be truly healthy and live life to the full.

For health issues such as hypothyroidism, diabetes and high cholesterol I have a history of successfully helping you build the foundations of your health so you can recover from these life draining imbalances.

The CHEK courses have served as the foundation of my health coaching and from these courses I have learnt the best resources and experts in the health and wellness world and I’ve learnt everything I can from them.

The results speak for themselves, here are just a few of my testimonials, and the rest can be found by looking through the testimonials on this page: I have about 30 total on the site including video testimonials and before and after pictures.

Testimonial A

Well my life has taken a dramatic change for the better suddenly thanks to you and a few other things I have been doing. FABULOUS ! thank you. My eyes are suddenly getting brighter. They have been the colour of dishwater for the last 6 months. I knew I had a problem with my gut health but was unsure what to do about it. I always get a cold sore when My stomach is crying out for help and I felt so run down. Not sleeping and sooo stressed by everyday life and the continual worry about………….. (blocked for privacy)

I told you that I noticed my bowels were much better on the first day. I was quite amazed when I had proper stools for the first time perhaps in a year. It was quite extraordinary even though it is a gross subject ! Yep I still fart a bit but not all the time. My sleeping has improved a lot although sometimes I drift in and out of sleep a lot more and I wonder whether this has anything to do with improved thyroid functioning ? BUT the main thing is, I am waking up wide awake and full of energy. My god. I can't believe it. I haven't felt as good in the morning for 10 years, it is quite incredible. Honest Tim it's amazing. As a result, I don't get in from work quite so wretched, Lord that job is difficult and, feel so much more positive generally. I went to the gym today and had so much more oomph !. I ran for longer than I have for 6 months, usually my stomach hurts a bit (as well as me dodgy knees) and always when I get home there are dark rings under my eyes that are a sure sign that my work out has been to much for my body and I am knackered and listless and need to lie down. I am not as thirsty and don't get so irritable and my cold sore has cleared up in no time.

- Lou Garrett. March 2nd 2015

Testimonial B

Just wanted to let you know that I have achieved some great results after our initial 5 week sessions and the following 3 weeks after that.
At 8 weeks in I have now lost a total of 7.5 kilos and continue to steadily lose weight as I continue with the diet and training by Tim. My fitness levels have improved significantly and my waist size has gone from 38 to 34. Most importantly I have reduced my hypertension medication and am now completely off the cholesterol reducing meds. I truly did not expect these results so quickly..

I have found the diet very manageable and do not seem to miss too much, although the cheat meals really help!
Just wanted to thank you Tim for your guidance and advice. It and has certainly worked for me and you have given me the motivation to continue...

Mark Wilkins. April 28th 2014.

Testimonial C

Tim is the perfect combination of the tough trainer ("Come on, Push yourself, You can give more!") and the warm encourager ("You are doing Great, Good Job, Excellent Workout"). Moreover, his training goes beyond the time spent in the gym to also include professional advice on proper food selection, development of the right diet plan for your body and encouragement on home workouts to compliment one's training sessions.Tim Garrett is a truly exceptional trainer. Because of his efforts I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, I highly recommend him without reservation.

- Nisreen Khantoun. Nov 24th. 2013

Testimonial D

I've lost around 3 inches around my waist, 2 inches from my thighs.
Tim gradually introduces clients to each new step whether it be salt in your water, higher weights or new abs exercises, I laughed at him when he suggested I eat a protein rich breakfast such as roast beef with tomato but I've now turned into a total carnivore and we usually cook a big roast at the weekend so that I can have good roast meat for breakfast which I eat with fruit (not every day of course and we still eat what we like at weekends but I have really cut down on carbs, particularly in the evenings and especially bread which has done wonders for my indigestion.
One of Tim's mantraos is to go to bed at a reasonable time (difficult at first for someone who rarely put the light out until midnight) but we’ve found that if you train hard, you actually look forward to going to bed early and I now sleep far better than I have for years.

- Jo Adshead. January 13th 2012
Remember that’s only a small selection of my happy Clients.

My approach:

Rule 1: Identify where in the 7 foundational health principles someone’s stress is coming from. To do this I use my holistic lifestyle questionnaire that have over 200 questions in and are designed to find the most important things that are going wrong with your foundational health.
Rule 2: Fix the imbalances found in rule 1.
The seven foundational health principles are:
1. Diet
2. Stress/mental balance/thinking
3. Digestion
4. Movement
5. Breathing
6. Hydration
7. Sleep

Here are some of the common things I look for in each area then I come up with a plan so I can coach you to fix these areas:

1. Diet:

Commonly I see that people are eating to a particular diet that they think is healthy but isn’t serving them as a unique human being with individual metabolic needs.
Its either that or they are eating food that is gradually killing themselves, junk food, food containing gluten, indigestible food such as nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli.
Did you know that cows fed a diet of straw die quicker than cows fed nothing at all, that’s because some food which is known as displacement food takes away more than it gives us in good, life giving, quality nutrition.
Most people are not getting enough good quality fats. The theory that cholesterol from saturated fat causes high cholesterol levels and heart disease has been disproven and is unfounded. In fact good quality saturated fats are one of the bodies most vital & first line defense systems against any kind of stress.
I will tailor a diet that satisfies your unique metabolic needs and teach you how to listen to your body so you can choose the right foods for health and vitality and to be able to recover from whatever health imbalance you are currently suffering from.

2. Stress:

There are many main sources of stress on the body but in this regard I am talking about the psychological type of stress that can do so much damage to our bodies and ruin our lives.
Too much stress on the body-mind basically causes dis-ease and too much stress without enough good quality rest basically causes the body to breakdown.
I will work with you to reduce, reframe or reposition your stress and help you set up a plan of regular, great quality, active rest that will help you restore your energy reserves and get your life back.

3. Digestive Health:

The digestive system is extremely important. It would cover a tennis court if you laid it on the ground, it has its own nervous system and has over 400 types of microbes and contains 70% of your immune system.
It is such an integral part of your body that it can cause lots of health imbalances and be the cause of others at the same time if it isn’t functioning well.
Symptoms like constipation and abdominal bloating, frequent diarrhea and acid reflux/heart burn will cause you to malnutrition because your body is not digesting your nutrients properly and therefore your whole body will be badly affected. Also one side affect of bad digestion is inflammation which will trigger your fight or flight stress system which is very damaging to your body and will over produce serotonin which in large amounts is also actually very damaging for your body.
I will work with you to get to the root cause of your digestive system including but not limited to looking into your metabolic rate, you see, when your metabolism is too slow which is another way of saying you have hypothyroid there will be a hormonal disruption throughout the body and you will produce less hydrochloric acid as a result which is one of the most important digestive enzymes. I will help you find out if you have food intolerances and get to the bottom of your digestive distress.

4. Movement:

Here it’s important to figure out if you are too Yin or to Yang; do you too much or too little movement. Then as a trained personal trainer I can give you a plan to do on your own or you can do sessions with me to give you that extra push. The right type of movement for you as an individual taking into account your exercise history and overall physiological load (overall stress level from all of the different sources) to customize a program that will make you healthier not sicker. It’s important to remember that exercise or working-OUT is a stress, stress can be good and help you to get stronger and fitter but you need to get the intensity right for you so it is beneficial and serves you.

5. Healthy Breathing:

People can breathe up to 44,000 times a day, most of the time you should breathe from the stomach or what is commonly called abdominal breathing. When you do the opposite like most people and chest breath you will stimulate the fight or flight/sympathetic part of the nervous system which is very dangerous for the body. As a result of over using your chest & neck muscles and under utilise your abdominal muscles therefore there is a cascade of affects from neck pain to lower back problems, decreased digestive ability, build up of fungus and greater chance of parasites and inability to truly relax. This really is a key area to fix if you are not breathing properly. I will coach you to assess your breathing and work on correcting chest breathing to help you recover from your health issues and regain the ‘old you’

6. Hydration:

Nearly every metabolic function known is heavily dependent on water. It is such a key component of health that if you even lose 1% of your water stores your brain can show signs of fatigue. I will work with you to find the correct amount of fluids made up of mostly water but maybe with some other sources of fluids depending on your individual needs.

7. Sleep:

People tend to push themselves so sleep is ideally used to recover from the stresses and strains of daily life. Even if people are taking my recommendations and balancing their output with energy creating rest then modern life with all the electromagnetic frequencies, sedentary lifestyle, non-organic food and things like pollution will stress the body and when people are not sleeping well and getting to be by 22:30, 23:00 at the latest of course their bodies are going to breakdown and dis-ease follows. I will work with you to figure out which of the common influences of poor sleep are affecting you, we will look into; stress control, doing work in exercise to calm the body-mind and looking into the dietary factors that cause blood sugar and insulin imbalances that commonly disrupt a person’s sleep/wake cycles.

Please see the page tabs on the left for how I can help you if you suffer from one of the common health issues.

There are many more health issues that I can help with, its best to call me for more information and to set up your complimentary consultation.
I look forward to being able to help you change your life around.

Kind Regards,

Tim Garrett
t: 052 699 3955


The Healthy 4 U website is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided on this site should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider or doctor.

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