We combine three key elements to help you get great results.

Healthy4U Element 1: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

One area where Healthy 4 U excel is our 'holistic Lifestyle Coaching', Why does this matter to you? because it will help you achieve fantastic results in as little time as possible.

Health coaching should be an integral part of any trainers skill set, at the very least they should have a trusted health coach they work in partnership with.

The level of health coaching you will receive will vary depending on the trainer you choose. What I can guarantee is that the help you get from any of our trainers in relation to your health will enable you to achieve the results you want in your life.

If you choose Tim Garrett, the company founder then it involves a complimentary consultation where we meet, determine your goals and it gives me an opportunity to get an overview of your lifestyle, including elements such as your diet, digestion, activity levels, how stress affects you, what you drink, how clean your body is, and other areas. These are only some of the areas that we cover that combine to either make you look great and feel healthy or the opposite. It is during our first meeting that we show you exactly how we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The consultation also serves as an opportunity for you to receive, free of charge, some world-class information on how to achieve your goals quickly, information you can start using that day to help you feel better and start losing body fat, or whatever your particular goal may be.

Before our next meeting you complete a Health Appraisal Questionnaire with over 300 questions. This questionnaire is cleverly designed by Paul Chek and his faculty (who I consider to be the best health expert in the universe) to find some of the most common and the most health damaging problems that occur in people lives. We will then address these imbalances to help you achieve health and vitality. Some of the areas this questionnaire covers are; You Are What You Eat, You Are When You Eat, Circadian Health (daily energy & sleep/wake cycles), Digestive System Health and your Detoxification System Health. These areas, including the movement you do, your mental balance and the things you drink each day are called the foundational health principles. If you have a goal you want to achieve you need to fix any imbalances in these systems.

I use all of the information to create your individual health coaching info pack. This includes over 26 pages of typed notes and over 30 pages of handouts which help you implement the plan I have created just for you. The information is the best available world-wide & implementing the advice is definitely a great investment in your future. The HLC pack includes all the advice you need on cardiovascular training (CV), resistance or weights based training and of course your HLC: (holistic lifestyle coaching) plan covering the specific areas that you need to improve to achieve your goals quickly. It also includes a resource section with a list of the worlds best health and fitness books and internet sites to the very best health, fitness and body fat loss related websites in the world.

Making changes to your lifestyle/Foundational Health Principles has such a huge difference on how quickly you can achieve your goals that we focus a lot of our time and effort to ensure we are experts on all the relevant areas people need to improve on. Through experience I personally know that if you want guaranteed results the health coaching the trainers at my company provide is essential. When I was starting my career I had clients that had a great diet and exercised five or six times a week, consistently and still did not lose any body fat. When I introduced holistic lifestyle coaching the transformation in the results I was able to help my Clients achieve amazed me..

All of the trainers in my company are personally, by me, put through a comprehensive coaching system that enables them to identify some of the major imbalances I look for and provide great advice. They also have the option of referring Clients to me if they have a complicated health picture.

When you meet one of them for a consultation they are trained to ask specific questions from all of the six foundational health systems to find some of the most common and at the same time most damaging habits that people create in their lives. Some of the things we look for are quite simple but the science behind the improvements that we explain to you is fascinating and after implementing the changes we recommend will make a huge difference in how quickly you can achieve your health and fitness goals.

The advice they give you in regard to the improvements to make will be quite a revelation for a lot of new Clients. This information is recorded and used at regular intervals to follow up with the Clients to see how they are doing implementing the advice into their lifestyle. It is at this time that the trainer at Healthy 4 U will give you all they can in terms of knowledge, experience and stories of successful Clients and their life changing results to help you make fast progress toward your goal.

Healthy4U Element 2: Healthy 4 U Metabolic Booster Program

Our highly effective personal training sessions; it will depend on your goals and health history but a very effective system we often use, particularly for our body fat loss Clients is the 'Healthy 4 U Metabolic Booster Program', this system can raise your metabolism for a long time after your workout.

Another benefit of the system we use is that it is resistance based, resulting in muscle development, even gaining one kilo of muscle will help you burn lot of extra calories every week. If you are a woman reading this and you are thinking that gaining muscle tone is not for you, let me tell you, developing some muscle to burn more calories works amazingly. I have never had a female Client that developed noticeably large muscles. what did happen is that extra muscle she gained turned her body into a calorie burning machine to help get look fantastic.

“Since starting with Healthy 4 U my life has changed. I’ve monitored how many calories I burn in my sessions and its sometimes as much as 897, that’s amazing and I’m definitely burning more calories every day due to having more lean muscle. I have estimated that I burn 1500 extra calories* every week now that I have extra muscle tone”
Emmanuelle Entringer, January 22, 2015

Disclaimer:*There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

Another benefit of the system we use is that you will be burning a huge amount of calories during your workout. Once you are fit enough to workout out at our 'Intense Stage', which will be surprisingly fast, you will be burning upwards of 600 calories per workout. Thats not the only benefit, you will also burn a whole bunch more calories, post-exercise because of the unique 'Metabolic Booster' properties of the system we use.

Healthy4U Element 3: Healthy 4 U (Whole-istic) Body fat Loss Eating System

This system involves six symbiotic parts that work wonderfully to help you produce outstanding and healthy body fat loss.

I have developed this system over 15 years, when I came across a weight loss tip from one of the worlds most respected experts I tried it with my Clients, if it worked fantastically after methodical testing then I would try to combine it with with the other advice in my diet system. I have combined the best advice I have received from formidable experts such as Charles Poliquin, Johnny Bowden and Paul Chek. This system has been tried and tested and refined on many Clients over a number of years and I promise you it works great for health, long-term weight loss and will increase the effectiveness of your training and your personal life beyond what you think is possible.

Please dont think this system is a fad diet, in fact it is a natural, age old way to eat healthily. Thats why it has such dramatic affects on my Clients lives and helps them really create long lasting changes in the way they live their lives.

If you would like a rundown of what the system involves please give me a call.


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