Firstly, this is only for serious people, if you’re just looking around wishing you’d be able to lose weight…


This website is not for you, we help people get really serious results, in a surprisingly quick time, with the least stress possible.
Contrast that to trainers who are not REAL experts and you’ll see and feel the difference.

Step 1

The first thing we’ll do is have a chat on the phone to see if we are a good fit, if you like our approach and if we have time to fit you in our schedule at a time that makes sense for you.

Step 2

We’ll meet for a no-commitment consultation where we (only) deliver outstanding value by identifying your health blocks and giving you totally free advice on how to fix it.
I guarantee you, you’ll be surprised how important this step is.

We have developed a consultation system over the 2 decades Tim, H4 U’s founder has been in the industry that is an unparalleled foundation for your future health plan, training plan and motivation plan.

Right there and then we will give you the 3 biggest blocks you have to weight loss+/great health that are holding you back, tip: 80% of people do not realise they have a problem with their foundational health, things like hormones, digestion stress and thyroid and we are experts at fixing these problems.

We ask over 200 questions that will spark light bulbs to what may be holding you back.

We also help you identify and ignite your passion for achieving your goals, we help you build excitement around achieving these goals so you are assured of success, especiallyafter working with us for a while and us helping you ingrain these behaviours as a habit.

Step 3

We’ll help you come up with an activity plan that is based on your lifestyle and constraints and preferences, so you know exactly what you are doing in a 7-day period.
We will give you our diet system and our meal ideas that will serve as the solid foundation for your plan, we can customise this, but you’d be surprised effective it is for a very wide range of people.

Step 4

The training, we are there with you every step of the way to keep you excited and make you even more excited about getting to your goal a stronger, more confident, happier and healthier person.

Keeping in touch with our Clients is critical for us, your success means a lot to us personally, so we are there with you if you ever decide to get lazy or slack off, we will be there to give you a kick up the A*** and get you going again.

Step 5

We step back and take a look at the life you have created, a body that’s fantastic and a group of friends that are shocked by the results you have achieved.


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