The thyroid, the gland that controls it all.

Seriously, I mean it.

It’s not just because I have had a very serious thyroid problem but its because I have worked with many Clients to fix their thyroid and seen what a remarkable difference it has made in their day to day experience of life.

So how does the thyroid downregulate? Let’s get onto that in a minute, first let’s talk about why it’s so easily missed by Doctors.

The reference ranges for low thyroid (hypothyroidism) are literally 50% smaller than they should be based on faulty science underpinning the supposed correct rage of thyroid hormone in one’s blood.

Also fixing thyroid problems fixes a n incredibly wide range of health benefits including better memory, improved libido, great energy, better memory, perfect digestion and a happy balanced mind.

When someone is too stressed and remember stress comes from 7 sources, not just emotional and psychological stress the thyroid goes into a turned down state to let you survive, in a similar way to hamsters in the UK when they hibernate for the winter. So in a nutshell the thyroid downregulated due to chronic stress and poor diet.

To get your thyroid up and running again, you need an expert that has studied Ray Peat PHD extensively, he’s the only person I call a true genius in the wellness world and I know some great teachers.

The work he’s done on aging, metabolism and hormones is ground breaking.

You have to give Ray Peat some study time because it’s so different to what you’ve most probably heard and seen and been influenced by, however, stick with him because the difference you’ll feel in your life would be nothing short of magical. Living with a thyroid problem is terrible (I know I’ve done it and been there) but you don’t have to if you get the right teacher.

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