What can you expect from A Personal Trainer?

Personal Training Dubai
Are you interested in…..
Losing Kilos of fat?
Looking great and getting compliments from friends and family?
Feel wonderful and having lots of energy so you can live life to the full?
We can help.
We are expert body fat loss personal trainers with over 70 years of experience between us.
If you are thinking why should I choose a personal trainer to help you lose weight?
Here is only a handful of our recent Clients weight loss success statistics:
Bill – Lost 14 kgs.
Ahmed – Lost 8 kgs.
Sarah – Lost 10kgs
Dana – Lost 8kgs.
Jamal – Lost 12kgs.
Myriam – Lost 15 kgs.

And that’s only a small selection of the recent ones! For more information check our homepage where you will see lots of before and after pictures, video Client case studies, and on the testimonial page there are lots of Client case studies that show how people just like you lost weight, felt great and transformed their lives.

You will learn so much in the time you do personal training with us that an investment in 10 sessions or more is extremely valuable, It would take you years of study and practice to learn what we have learnt about:
1. Changing your lifestyle and mindset
2. Our metabolic booster training systems
3. Our Whole-istic diet system
4. Our Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

These systems are symbiotic and ultra effective. We teach you all this and sooooo much more so you can do it all for the rest of your life.

Consider the alternative, you try it on your own, you make some key mistakes (when your sure you are doing what you think is actually correct), you get disappointed, an excuse comes up (they always do) and you stop your diet and exercise because you didn’t see results.
That won’t happen when you do personal training with us, we have helped over a thousand people and counting achieve their body fat loss and health/fitness goals.

Here’s my advice on what to look for in a personal trainer:
Do they look presentable, have great body language and turn up on time? (the basics are extremely important, believe me). Do you feel a connection with the personal trainer? Are the friendly, and passionate about helping you achieve your goals? Does the personal trainer use ultra effective training methods such as high intensity resistance based circuit training that raises your metabolism for up to 72 hours and helps you build muscle tone, turning your body into a fat burning machine? While at the same time helping you burn up to 794 calories in one hour?

Is the personal trainer the kind of person that will be able to motivate you to keep going, especially when your motivation is low and the going gets tough?

Do they provide you a bunch of tools to help you, over time change your mindset and self image to someone who is healthy, takes care of your lifestyle and also your diet? (this is a key part to what we do, if this is done correctly you will never have to go back to the ‘old you’).

Do they push you through correctly judged but intense exercise sessions and give you energy to make the best out of your workout? Is the diet system they provide a full proof system or is it just general advice that is all too easy to make a mistake with? Do you know exactly what you should eat and at what times, in what proportion? Is it based on a Paleolithic (cave-woman) diet that helps you lose 1 to 2kgs of body fat a week and feel wonderful at the same time?

Do they cover in detail; improvements you need to make to your lifestyle, things like getting to bed on time, meal intervals, fixing digestive problems and asses how you handle stress and help you counterbalance or fix any stress related health imbalances? These elements are key determinates on how quickly you can lose body fat and feel fantastic.

Are they are a great person that you can get on with & develop a trust & a bond that will help carry you through until you achieve your goals and beyond?

So there it is a distilled summary of my in-depth article. I hope it was useful for you.
Please remember we can explain all the things that interest you in a complimentary consultation. Tim Garrett
Healthy 4 U
“Transforming Lives Through Health and Fitness”
Tel: +971 052 699 3955
Email: tim@dubai-personal-training.com
Facebook page: facebook.com/Healthy4udubai
PS. Call today to book in, don’t leave it any longer, if you are like most people you have probably left it too long already, do you want to continue looking like you currently look and feel like you feel (sorry to be presumptuous but that’s probably why you are reading this)?

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paul-testimonialI would like to share with you how Tim has helped me improve my quality of life and to make exercise a consistent norm in my life. I don’t want exercise to be a concern for me that is why I let Tim take care of all the details. I go and see him each session, I aim to have 4-5 sessions per week with him and he ensures I get a great workout each and every time. The advantage of this for me is that I know that I am getting exactly the exercise routines I need so that I can enjoy a healthy life. The other main advantage for me is that the training that Tim guides me through helps me remain sharp, focused and prepared for the hard work I put in to my own businesses.