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Tim Garrett
15+ yrs experience
in the health & fitness industry
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Jack Personal Trainer
7 years experience
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I would like to share with you how Tim has helped me improve my quality of life and to make exercise a consistent norm in my life. I don’t want exercise to be a concern for me that is why I let Tim take care of all the details. I go and see him each session, I aim to have 4-5 sessions per week with him and he ensures I get a great workout each and every time. The advantage of this for me is that I know that I am getting exactly the exercise routines I need so that I can enjoy a healthy life. The other main advantage for me is that the training that Tim guides me through helps me remain sharp, focused and prepared for the hard work I put in to my own businesses.

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*Disclaimer: There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.


Tim Garrett

Transforming Lives through Health and Fitness

British Nationality
15 yrs experience
in the health & fitness industry:

I have been a trainer for over 13 years now and in the industry for over 15.

As one of Dubai’s longstanding personal trainers I have completed some of the best courses in the world and can offer world class advice on training and your diet/lifestyle to help you get great results. If you want to lose weight fast then get in touch straight away.

I have dedicated my adult life to learning from the world’s best health & fitness experts, taken the best parts and created the training protocols, Healthy eating systems and lifestyle coaching that myself and my trainers use to get fantastic results for our Clients.*

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*Disclaimer: There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

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