Tim Garrett

Transforming Lives through Health and Fitness

British Nationality 15 yrs experience in the health & fitness industry:

I have been a trainer for over 13 years now and in the industry for over 15.

As one of Dubai’s longstanding personal trainers I have completed some of the best courses in the world and can offer world class advice on training and your diet/lifestyle to help you get great results. If you want to lose weight fast then get in touch straight away.

I have dedicated my adult life to learning from the world’s best health & fitness experts, taken the best parts and created the training protocols, Healthy eating systems and lifestyle coaching that myself and my trainers use to get fantastic results for our Clients.*



kickboxing, weight loss and holistic health training.

Expert in: Kickboxing Weight loss Holistic health training

With over 7 years of experience and a successful boxing career matched to a great personality Jack is the trainer that can help you to new heights of health, fitness and wellness.

He has great diet training and training on removing health blocks from stress, sleep, digestion and movement related issues.

His kickboxing training is great fun, a high intensity cardio workout and a super way to burn calories without thinking about it!

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