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The exact training system I have developed over 17 years in the industry is ultra effective.
I have studied, studied, tested, studied & benchmarked different systems over and over again and the system I now use is the best and works wonderfully.
All you have to do is to look at the results showcased on our homepage and testimonial page to find out why.
Its very important to use a system for training that does three things:

Helps you gain muscle tone (which turns your body into a fat burning machine)
Burns as many calories as possible while at the same time builds muscle tone (only cardio isn’t effective anymore)
Helps you raise your metabolism for up to 72 hours. (that’s up to 1200% longer than a normal 1 hour cardio workout would do!!!!)

Let me give you an example of the opposite, a dull, boring run on the treadmill (or a hill walk, if you can’t run): you will burn a lot of calories BUT you will not raise your metabolism for long, only 6 hours maximum and you won’t add muscle which means when you’re on holiday or it’s the weekend you won’t be burning loads of extra calories, in fact cardio can sometimes make you lose muscle which makes weight loss harder.

Also the more normal cardio you do the longer it takes you to burn calories because your body is getting fitter, while the opposite is true for our metabolic booster programs.
Please remember that isn’t the only part of what we do, we use a 4 system approach to effective, super fast and healthy weight loss.

1. Our metabolic booster systems
2. Our whole-istic diet system
3. Our unique holistic health coaching
4. Changing your mindset and self image (so you never go back to the overweight person you were before)
If you are interested in getting a complimentary, no hassle, no commitment, 100% useful consultation then please get in touch right away.
I have personally turned down 80 people over the last 6 months because we didn’t have any availability for those unlucky people. Don’t miss out.

Tim Garrett
Healthy 4 U
“Transforming Lives Through Health and Fitness”
Tel: +971 052 699 3955
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Tim Garret Personal TrainerTim Garrett
15+ yrs experience
in the health & fitness industry

Jack Personal TrainerJack
7 years experience

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paul-testimonialI would like to share with you how Tim has helped me improve my quality of life and to make exercise a consistent norm in my life. I don’t want exercise to be a concern for me that is why I let Tim take care of all the details. I go and see him each session, I aim to have 4-5 sessions per week with him and he ensures I get a great workout each and every time. The advantage of this for me is that I know that I am getting exactly the exercise routines I need so that I can enjoy a healthy life. The other main advantage for me is that the training that Tim guides me through helps me remain sharp, focused and prepared for the hard work I put in to my own businesses.